Get Armies Ready Sharpish With Citadel Contrast Paints

May 13, 2019 by brennon

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Painting armies can be a laborious process so Games Workshop has now created the Citadel Contrast paint range which aims to cut down the steps needed to bring a model to life.

The new paints have been created so that you can immediately get a base coat and shade done on a miniature in one go.

Citadel Contrast #1 - Games Workshop

After applying a particular primer to the models you simply choose the colour that you want and then drop it onto the model in one thick coat. As you can see it provides you with a level of shading and highlighting due to the way the paint flows onto the model.

It doesn't provide quite the same coverage as the regular paints but it does really cut down on the time spent painting a model meaning you'll be gaming sooner...something a lot of people would very much appreciate.

Citadel Contrast #2 - Games Workshop

Thanks to a user on Facebook called Garro we have a few more images of what the new Contrast paints look like on some rank and file troops...

Contast #1 Garro

...and also some larger creatures too.

Contast #2 Garro

I think the effect is different from the classic paint schemes, bringing a much lighter and brighter scheme to life. It certainly gets my seal of approval though as someone who got turned off painting larger armies thanks to how much painting is involved!

Golden Demon & The Everchosen

With all this talk of painting, it seems apt to also show off the Slayer Sword winner from this year. Check this out...

Slayer Sword Winner - Games Workshop

I think you can see just why this particular monster won the top prize! I'm looking forward to also seeing the rest of the offerings from this year when they finally get uploaded onto the internet.

Golden Demon is also seeing a return to the US. There was news last week that Crystal Brush is leaving AdeptiCon next year...and now we know why. Engaging conspiracy theory mode, Games Workshop are moving in with Golden Demon US!

Golden Demon US

And, if you're stuck when it comes to attending either Warhammer Fest or AdeptiCon there's another option. You could also try and get involved with Everchosen, the first Global Painting Competition.

So, there's plenty of ways you get involved now with the hobby side of Games Workshop's games. Do you reckon we're going to see a Golden Demon winner painted entirely using the Contrast method?

Let us know in the comments...

"Do you reckon we're going to see a Golden Demon winner painted entirely using the Contrast method?"

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