Army Painter Help Add Some Colour To Your Zombicide Horde

June 14, 2014 by brennon

The Army Painter have two new sets of Zombicide Paints to help you make sure that awesome horde of undead fiends looks brilliant on the board and indeed the tabletop itself. See what you think...

Zombie Paint Set

Zombie Toxic Prison Set

Both these sets give you the paints you need to create some awesome looking zombies from both the base set and of course the Toxic and Prison expansions for the game. This means you now have no excuse not to get those playing pieces looking utterly flash.

Do you think you'd pick these up or are you alright leaving your board gaming pieces in their original plastic form? I for one usually have quite a hard time bringing myself to paint gaming pieces for board games in case I get them terribly wrong!

What do you think?

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