Artel Miniatures Meet A Kitted Out Mekkanik & Hiz Matez

October 1, 2019 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has been showing off the coming of a new bit of Ork kit landing in October (or should that be Orktober?). Here we have the Mekkanik with all sorts of additional options worked into his design for you to play around with and customise.

Ork Mekkanik - Artel W Miniatures

As you can see this rather overweight Ork has had the pleasure of plenty of good slop and a massive workshop to tinker around in. He is adorned in all sorts of kit and comes with some alternative hand options for when you want to mix and match things from the same kit in order to create multiple Meks on the tabletop.

As well as this fellow you will also be able to pick up some of his helpers.

Matez #1 - Artel W Miniatures

His Matez here are looking like a rather stacked bunch of bros for use in your games. I am still very much of the persuasion that if I was to ever come back to Warhammer 40,000 I'd run a proper Grot army which is made up of lots of fellows like this and some big mechs that they are clambering all over.

I think this would be hilarious, not at all effective, and perfect for embracing the dark comedy aspect of Warhammer 40,000.

Matez #2 - Artel W Miniatures

It also means that as well as picking up the models from Games Workshop I could have some leaders taking shape on the tabletop based on the models by Artel W Miniatures. I could do some nice replacements for Bosses and the like using some of these pint-sized heroes.

What do you make of these new options from Artel?

"What do you make of these new options from Artel?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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