Artel W Unleash A Trio Of Grimdark Heroes For The Tabletop

August 5, 2020 by avernos

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Artel W Miniatures continue in their practice of knocking it out of the park with a terrific trio of characters for your sci-fi games, although they're especially fitting for fans of 40K. These releases serve up a set of imperial figures although the last can set foot in either camp.

Inquisitor Cesarie

Inquisitor Cesarie // Artel W

First up is Inquisitor Cesarie a distinctly arrogant looking fellow as all Inquisitors should be, in a very sturdy set of armour. As with most Artel figures, Cesarie comes with some options, from the scroll worked pistol to the hand options for his off-hand there are plenty of opportunities for modelling and load out for your warbands leader.

Rogue Doctor // Artel W

The Rogue Doctor is what I imagine to be the least of the releases for most people, but paradoxically it's actually my favourite of the releases. it's very subtle as a sawbones but there are beautiful touches depending on what you want to use him for.

The blood bag being squeezed, the pneumatic syringe, even the apron with tools strapped to it, they all add up to a perfect medic for the tabletop. Also, if you are going to have a grimdark doc why wouldn't you have a plague doctor's mask? I'm actually shocked that gee dub hadn't done it themselves by now.

Hierophant Abraxxazz // Artel W

The biggest and certainly the most detailed of the releases is Hierophant Abraxxazz can be assembled in one of two ways, either you can fight for the Emperor or build for the Imperium and he has a wealth of details on this biggerture and if you're looking for a centrepiece for a mechanicus force then you really couldn't do better than Abraxxazz.

Once again I'm blown away by the quality of Artel's work, and the thought their sculptors put into their work. Where they need detail they use it and when they don't they aren't afraid to leave it off, I can think of one other company at least that could stand to learn from that.

what do you think of these grim heroes?

"Once again I'm blown away by the quality of Artel's work, and the thought their sculptors put into their work..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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