Artizan Designs Release Renegade Confederates

December 22, 2018 by cassn

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Howdy partner! Artizan Designs have released images of their new Wild West additions to the tabletop, so let's get rootin', tootin', miniature lookin'!

These Renegade Confederates are very cool and posed very dynamically. I love the hard angles within the design, which really accentuate their shape.

They have a heroic frame, and I think that type of design fits in really well with an over-the-top Wild West theme. These could fit into a number of games.

I think I would have like to have seen greater detail on the clothes, as in these images it is more the paint than the sculpt which is really bringing the figures to life. I also think something could have been done with the base, but I guess it can be a blank slate for an enthusiastic hobbyist to work with!

Overall, I think there are pretty cool for metal miniatures, and would make a fun unit inclusion on the tabletop. You can get yours from Artizan Designs here.

Do you have a Wild West game set-up yet?

"An over-the-top Wild West theme!"

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