Asgard Rising Hit Up Patreon With Snarling Shieldmaidens

June 15, 2020 by brennon

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Asgard Rising are on Pateron producing another set of stunning 3D Printable Files for you to use when building your Viking forces for both Fantasy and Historical games. They have been producing a range of characters and terrain for a little while including these ace Shieldmaidens.

Shieldmaidens - Asgard Rising

Shieldmaidens // Asgard Rising

These ace warrior women are superbly detailed with lots of intricate elements woven into their shields, armour, hair and weapons. If you can get a good quality printer to produce these then you'd have some properly awesome looking women to add into your Viking warband. I love their expressions too, looking both sarcastic and about ready to chop someone's head off.

As well as the Shieldmaidens, you can also pick up a Priest, Hill-Giant, Warlord and more which give you a few different elements to help form your warband or adventuring party.

Shieldmaidens & Warriors - Asgard Rising

Shieldmaidens & Warriors // Asgard Rising

I think that with a good, neat basecoat for this range you'd get away with a quick wash over these to make them pop. Then, once you go back in with a select bit of highlighting, you'll have some excellent looking miniatures. You might even be able to do some neat drybrushing to make the details pop if you're careful. Also, check out this terrain!

Nordic Terrain - Asgard Rising

Nordic Terrain // Asgard Rising

These would be good as objective pieces in your games. Perhaps you have to raid and steal from those barrels or protect the runestone from invading enemies? You've also got that trap which might have been set by the Hill Giant. You could then be rushing to try and save someone who has fallen down into it.

What do you make of these new Patreon offerings?

"Perhaps you have to raid and steal from those barrels or protect the runestone from invading enemies?"

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