The Athenian Army Prepares For Battle In Crocodile Games’ WarGods

August 7, 2020 by brennon

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Crocodile Games has added some valiant new warriors into the mix for WarGods Of Olympus. If you'd like to stick it to Sparta and take command of Ancient Greece then you might want to bring together your new 28mm Athenian Army.

Athens Warband Starter Set - WarGods

Athens Warband Starter Set // WarGods

This Starter Set provides you with a bunch of heroes to lead the way plus a phalanx of warriors who are armed and armoured to the nines. I really like the look of this collection with all the gleaming silver, colourful helmet crests and heroic stances.

As well as the new Starter Set, you can also pick up a selection of individual packs like the Athenian Hero here, ready to toss a trident into some mighty monster...

Athenian Hero - WarGods

Athenian Hero // WarGods

...or these Athenian Peltasts who are going to be skirmishing ahead of your force and harrying the flanks of your enemies army. These are rather fun and I love that we've got this seriously good looking "heroic" Ancient Greeks to do battle in their Fantasy game and beyond.

Athenian Peltasts - WarGods

Athenian Peltasts // WarGods

As well as being useful for games of WarGods, these could also be a good start for someone wanting to make a Fantasy force in all manner of other games. If you like the idea of making an Ancient Greek themed Human army then these are some great models to get you started.

Champions Of Theseus - WarGods

Champions Of Theseus // WarGods

If you'd like to find out more about WarGods and the Athenians then you can actually check out this sample chapter from Crocodile Games which was shared during their Kickstarter campaign. You can read it HERE and get a low-down on the lore and also some of the statistics for them in battle too.

What do you think?

"...we've got this seriously good looking "heroic" Ancient Greeks to do battle in their Fantasy game and beyond"

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