Avatars Of War Fire Up Arena Deathmatch 4th Edition

June 30, 2020 by brennon

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Avatars Of War has now released the new 4th Edition of their big hero slaughter-fest, Arena Deathmatch. Taking heroes and beasts from across their very grimdark range, you are able to take to the tabletop and beat the living snot out of your opponents on the sands of the arena.

Arena Deathmatch Main Logo - Avatars Of War

Arena Deathmatch // Avatars Of War

Originally released back in 2007, this was a set of rules which were meant to allow you to fight with the heroes from their collection. A lot of time has gone by since then and the team has been refining the rules and tweaking them so that they are a lot of fun to play around with. As it stands, they reckon that you can learn the basics of this game in less than an hour and then have a lot of fun diving into it.

Making it easier for you to dive in, there is even a full Learn To Play PDF which you can download HERE. You can also pick up the Core Set and 4th Edition Rulebook from their webstore either physically or digitally so you can dive in and enjoy the game in a few different ways.

Arena Deathmatch Layout - Avatars Of War

Arena Deathmatch In-Game // Avatars Of War

As well as being able to play the game physically, the team at Avatars Of War has also worked on creating an official Arena Deathmatch module for Tabletop Simulator. So, if you want to give the game a go before you dive in by playing it online, you can do exactly that. More details on this can be found HERE.

Of course, you can also check out all of their miniatures as well which has grown into quite the massive collection. Do you have some favourites?

Will you be giving Arena Deathmatch a go?

"Will you be giving Arena Deathmatch a go?"

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