A Babe with the Power of Voodoo Moves into Pulp City

June 23, 2014 by dracs

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Over in the urban sprawl of Pulp City the voodoo drums are beginning to beat as two new sculpts appear for the Coven faction.



Mambo is certainly looking sexy, with a grace that for some reason I can only describe as serpentine. However, the guys at Pulp Monsters still intend to tweak her sculpt a bit, so hopefully the end result will make it look less like her dress had boob socks.

L.O.A., on the other hand, looks fantastic. The detail on this powerhouse is superb, a magical-mechanical being obeying the word of the Coven. At present I don't think there is too much to the sculpt to suggest its voodoo origins, aside from the two crows on his shoulder, but I think this is something that can be shown off by a good paint job.

Do the mystical powers of the Coven appeal to you?

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