Bad Squiddo Games Tease Mounted Shieldmaidens Soon!

March 23, 2017 by brennon

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Coming to Salute this year Bad Squiddo Games is expanding its range of Vikings with some Mounted Shieldmaidens and Jarl Lagertha, ready to go reclaim her home. Who doesn't like Shieldmaidens?

Mounted Shieldmaidens

Each of the Shieldmaidens is in a different pose, as are each of the horses, and will make for a nice personal bodyguard for Lagertha as she charges around on horseback. Whilst they are armed with axes and shields here it is easy to give them spears if desired.

Annie from Bad Squiddo Games recommends the ones from FireForge if you want a heads up.

Will you be making a full on female Viking warband for your games of SAGA or Blood Eagle?

Let us know below...

"Who doesn't like Shieldmaidens?"

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