Are You Wanted in the West? Wanted: The Outlaws on Kickstarter

July 14, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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It's time to channel your inner outlaw and saddle up for a fast and fun, Wild West card game on Kickstarter. Wanted: The Outlaws by Bibelot Games is a cool, new game that incorporates slick laser quality into a classic card/dice game.

Outlaws cards

The game can be played by 1-4 people in just 30 minutes and offers some really amusing content. This is a hilarious western themed game, featuring the best components you've ever seen in a card and dice game! There is a really cool, compact case, metal game pieces, wood dice, and thick, full sized cards! In this casual game you get to lead a posse of bandits on the most daring heists as you fight to be the baddest outlaw in town!

The game play revolves around you building a town. You have to hire characters, perform jobs or report tips. Reporting tips (on your opponents) turns a quick buck for you, and makes their turn more difficult. It will likely really annoy them too, and you will find yourself on the receiving end of their tips on their next turn.

Outlaws kit

The Outlaws can also be played as a single player game where you get to duke it out against your arch-nemesis: The Sheriff! This game play mode is included in the Rules, and was built to be challenging (you'll win about as often as you do Solitaire). The game play stays the same, but each turn the Sheriff might earn some Rep, or take away your Jobs or Characters!

You can also play with more than 4 players (or just make longer games!). All you'll need to do is shuffle in an extra deck. Each additional deck adds about 30 minutes to the game play and can support up to 4 more players.

Outlaw tokens

If you have extra money to spare (hey it could happen) and you are a huge fan of the wild west, they have a really awesome package with a beautiful old fashioned case with the game that would look AWESOME in a western collection.

Outlaws custom case

Care to channel your inner outlaw in this trip to the West?

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