Saxon Miniatures Band Together New Huscarls & Norman Warriors

June 19, 2017 by brennon

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Saxon Miniatures is covering both ends of the Dark Age with their newest releases on their webstore. To begin with, we're heading back to the Arthurian Age and meeting with the Royal Anglian Huscarls.

Royal Anglican Huscarls

These fellows are the equivalent of the bodyguard for your Warlord in battle. They would have been trained men, professional soldiers, ready to stand in battle alongside heroic characters and battle to the death.

The entire collection from Saxon Miniatures is metal and finely detailed so you're getting great models, each almost individually posed, to help make up warbands.

Norman Warriors

At the other end of the timeline, we have these Unarmoured Normans who are going to be making up the lion's share of your larger armies as they march forth to do battle in England during 1066 no doubt.

Unarmoured Norman Infantry

With sixteen of them in a set, this could make for a large group of soldiers to form the bulk of a fighting force on the tabletop. With a travelling fighting force, an invading force, the lightly armoured soldiers might have been a useful addition, not weighed down by all that chainmail.

What do you think of the new additions?

"The entire collection from Saxon Miniatures is metal and finely detailed..."

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