New Barons’ War Reinforcements Coming To Kickstarter

April 2, 2020 by avernos

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If you saw the astoundingly successful campaign run by Andy Hobday for the first Barons' War Kickstarter then you will already be primed for some of what is to follow. If not then I suggest you feast your eyes upon Paul Hicks' fantastic feudal fighters and bask in all their glory, to see what Mssr Hobday and Hicks released through Footsore, Miniatures and Games.

 Barons War Knights mtd

Well as Warren always says "more is more" and so they are returning to Kickstarter in the next month to flesh out the Barons' War range and Andy updated the backers with some of what to expect.

First up the Knights have received some alternative mounted figures, and unlike the lance wielders of the first, these gentlemen bear all manage of hand weapons. There are also additional foot knights to add to the mix. But once again their armaments have changed from sword and board to great weapons.

As a fan of Saga I could happily base a Crusade force around these miniatures, I'm just not sure if I fancy all the time it will take to do these gorgeous sculpts justice with a paint job they deserve.

Barons War Knights foot

The lower echelons have not been forgotten either, and with additional infantry coming forth in the form of some sergeant-at-arms. These are beautiful sculpts as always and would fit into many forces outside of the Barons' War. I could happily see these in the Crusades or joining the War of Three Kingdoms.

Barons War Foot Sergeants

Or if you don't fear the Pope's wrath then maybe some ranged options are more your thing. There are three sets of these sculpted already but I've grabbed my favourite pack to show you, I'm just a fan of reloading I don't know what it is, maybe the attention to detail, but whatever causes it I adore seeing a stirrup being used or a quarrel loaded.

Once again Paul has captured a ton of character with these sculpts that should make them very easy to paint and allow them to stand out as individuals with little effort.

Barons War crossbowmen 3

These are not the only miniatures they have coming down the pipeline for the second Kickstarter, but it will I hope whet your appetite for a range that has blown me away. The other news that Andy dropped at the same time was the prospects of a medieval game to go with the miniatures.

You may be aware of the ancient worlds Mortal Gods or Footsore's foray into feudal Japan alongside Grey, for now, Games, both systems have been very well received by their players and work has begun on a set of rules for the Barons' War.

Barons' War Alpha Rules

All backers in the new Kickstarter will be given access to the Alpha Rules so it will be interesting to see what direction they take. A modification of an existing set, or something wholly new.

Do you plan on joining the Barons'?

" Once again Paul has captured a ton of character with these sculpts that should make them very easy to paint and allow them to stand out as individuals."

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