Battle For The Crucible With New KeyForge Mats By FFG

November 21, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new range of Playmats for you to pick up for your games of KeyForge. They have not only worked on a Two-Player Playmat but also one that focuses on each of the factions within the game too.

KeyForge Mats Main - FFG

The Two-Player Playmat is huge by the way and it will take up a lot more room compared to some of the other designs. It does come with space for your Keys, each of the decks you're using and such which is really nice and would be a neat gift for two people just getting into the game.

Two Player KeyForge Mat - FFG

I have then picked out three of the coolest designs which I am considering picking up. I am a big lover of Paladins and Knights and so Sanctum was top of my list when it came to the mat designs.

KeyForge Sanctum Mat - FFG

I also like the design of the Dis faction in KeyForge too, the demons and strange creatures from the beyond in this world. I really like this take on them and it would be a good darker background for playing your games.

KeyForge Dis Playmat - FFG

Last but not least whilst I don't have Shadow in my collection I really like the artwork for this particular mat!

KeyForge Shadow Mat - KeyForge

There are plenty of other great designs out there and the full art design is perfect for this game. KeyForge is backed up by amazingly evocative artwork and so if this was bordered and concealed by more text and such I don't think it would have the same impact.

What do you think of the mat designs?

"KeyForge is backed up by amazingly evocative artwork..."

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