Beadle & Grimm’s Bring You Deluxe RPG Character Chronicles

October 30, 2020 by brennon

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Beadle & Grimm's is an awesome collection of folks who love producing deluxe versions of Dungeons & Dragons books amongst other things. They are now on Kickstarter to fund the creation of their Complete Character Chronicles for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Complete Character Chronicles - Beadle & Grimms

Complete Character Chronicles // Beadle & Grimm's

The idea behind these new Character Chronicles is that they take a heap of books, character sheets and journals and distil that down into a single tome which will have everything you need in it to play that particular character. It's basically like having a "This Is Your Life" book to fill in as you go.

  • 20+ page character sheet. Everything you need at your fingertips, including plenty of room for home-brew rules, familiars, allies and enemies, and more.
  • All the rules from the Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook and Advanced Player Guide that you need to run your character, and only your character. What does that mean for you, a Wizard? It means a spellbook with only Wizard spells.
  • A journal for you to record your character's entire story.

Currently, the options expand to include options for the Fighter, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue, all of which are classic staples of the Fantasy dungeon delver. Here's an example of what one of the Chronicles will look like as you flick through it.

Wizards Chronicle Preview - Beadle & Grimms

Wizards Chronicle Preview // Beadle & Grimm's

As you can see, it's quite the diverse and interesting tome which feels like it fits into the world of your games thanks to the finish. You have all of the options that you'd expect from a character sheet but with everything else included to take it to the next level and stop you hogging the book at the table! This seems like a pretty good option, especially for Wizards and Clerics with loads of spells and prayers at their fingertips.

Pledging For Character Chronicles

Here is another little breakdown of what you might expect when diving into this campaign and exploring what it has to offer.

Complete Character Chronicles Contents - Beadle & Grimms

Complete Character Chronicles Contents // Beadle & Grimms

As stated above, the books themselves include...

  • Full page, 8 1/2 by 11 design
  • Vegan Leather Cover beautifully decorated with an embossed foil design
  • Sturdy lay-flat binding
  • Thick paper for the areas that you're going to write on
  • Glossy paper for the rules
  • Artwork from the Pathfinder universe, as well as custom pieces commissioned by us for the Character Chronicles pretty premium indeed. All of this comes together into a campaign where you can either get your hands on some of the standard looking tomes or something special through the Kickstarter. Oh, and they have plenty of other rewards tied into the project too.

Character Chronicles Reward Tiers - Beadle & Grimms

Character Chronicles Reward Tiers // Beadle & Grimm's

Some options have already vanished but there is plenty more for you to check out as part of this campaign. I like that they have also been working to create those awesome little tins of dice for you to use with your character and the option to get miniatures from HeroForge as well. This comes together to create quite a nice package for backers.

If you're interested in the premise of the campaign then it's worth exploring more of what's to offer on the Kickstarter Page. You can snag all sorts of add-ons and more that got unlocked through the process of funding the project.

Are you tempted by this as an idea?

"This seems like a pretty good option, especially for Wizards and Clerics with loads of spells and prayers at their fingertips..."

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