Besiege The Fortress Of Nurn In The Lord Of The Rings LCG

July 1, 2020 by avernos

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The sixth adventure pack in the Vengeance Of Mordor Cycle has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games for The Lord Of The Rings: Living Card Game, as our heroes press further into Mordor and Besiege The Fortress of Nurn.

The Fortress Of Nurn - Danger For Rangers

As the campaign rushes towards a climactic conclusion your heroes find themselves deep in the heart of enemy territory in the heartland of Mordor's scorched and desolate plains. Danger is everywhere and you must now attack the fortress and liberate the slaves held captive within.

In this expansion, you'll play out a brand new scenario for The Lord Of The Rings: LCG with a siege scenario. As the quest to confront Thane Ulchor reaches its culmination in his citadel you will first have to breach its walls and this will not be easy for the scenario as some interesting mechanics behind it.

Your deck is constructed as normal but then card are dealt and placed behind five separate campaign scenario cards, four side quests and the final main quest. As you complete the side quests you "free" your cards from beneath it and they are added to your available deck again.

You may not attempt the main quest until three of the four side quests have been completed and in this way, it gives you the siege mechanics. As you weaken the walls you gain more strength until you can assault the citadel itself. This is a unique way to bring the siege to life in the game and one I honestly wouldn't have considered.

New Foes To Be Found In The Fortress Of Nurn

The siege will not be easily won however with cards like Fortress Walls or Soldier of Nurn, which can recapture cards from your hand, and you’ll have to fight tooth and nail just to muster your strength for a full-on assault. As you start to press your attack and complete more and more side quests, the garrison is roused and the opposition becomes more pronounced.

You and your fellow heroes will face the fight of your lives if you’re going to defeat the forces of the Dark Lord. Giving you the back and forth feeling of a siege for every foothold gained you may find yourself pushed back as the defences and the defenders themselves attempt to thwart your advances.

A Bond Of Friendship Offers Hope

The Thane of Ulchor is not the only one to gain new cards however there are a host of heroes and new cards to help them from great weapons to sturdy steeds with a valourous heart. Two of the more interesting cards for this expansion are Thronogil and The Bond of Friendship.

Though Bond of Friendship brings more restrictions to your deck than usual, the power of four heroes fighting together against the forces of Mordor cannot be overstated. You’ll have new combos to explore and a new way to test yourself against any scenario in the game, and when combined with Thorongil you can see why having an additional hero in your deck build may prove useful indeed.

Players will by now have many versions of heroes with different abilities and skills, choosing between them is often difficult and with Thorongil you can now combine two heroes to gain the benefits of their other cards text. Incredibly potent stuff indeed, but will it be enough to breach the fortress walls and bring down the Thane?

I love what they've done with this campaign expansion and it has followed on from the previous chapters in telling a unique story with very differing feels from the horse racing of Challenge of the Wainriders, to this castle siege. With The Lord Of The Rings: LCG Fantasy Flight Games has continued to innovate to keep the gameplay as fresh as the story they are telling.

How many of Aragon's names do you know?

"I love what they've done with this campaign expansion and it has followed on from the previous chapters in telling a unique story..."

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