Bestiarum’s N’Gorroth Squirm Their Way Into Reality This Month!

June 8, 2022 by brennon

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Bestiarum Miniatures has released a new selection of monsters that can be 3D Printed to grace the tabletops of your Fantasy and Pulpy wargames. The theme for this month is something distinctly Lovecraftian in the form of The N'Gorroth.

June Releases - Bestiarum Miniatures

June Releases // Bestiarum Miniatures

This new selection of offerings introduces the N'Gorroth Giant, Abyssal High Priest, Abyssal Pastors, Fisherfolk, N'Gorroth Warriors, Shamblers, Stranglers and Trawlers. All of the miniatures are provided pre-supported and would look absolutely fantastic when it comes to bulking out an army of horrors from the depths of some silent sea.

The N Gorroth - Bestiarum Miniatures

The N'Gorroth // Bestiarum Miniatures

I think these miniatures would be great for those wanting to build a fascinating roleplaying scenario on the tabletop. Imagine your adventurers coming to a village by the edge of the sea where everyone seems to have vanished without a trace. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, these shambling horrors drag themselves out of the water and start hunting you!

Fisherfolks - Bestiarum Miniatures

Fisherfolks // Bestiarum Miniatures

You've got a nice mix of miniatures that could be used as the rank and file of your encounters. Plus, you've got something giant and deadly for when you need a boss to pit against your foes. I do like the idea of painting in the style you see here, looking like they have become one with the sea. Lots of blues and greens and rusty weapons!

N Gorroth Warriors - Bestiarum Miniatures

N'Gorroth Warriors // Bestiarum Miniatures

As well as the big nasties that you see here, the folks at Bestiarum Miniatures have also released a new set of Lone Heroes that can be used as player characters in your games.

Lone Heroes VI - Bestiarum Miniatures

Lone Heroes VI // Bestiarum Miniatures

Here we have Carver The Investigator and Kril'ga The Fishwife. Each of them comes with an in-depth backstory and full rules/character sheets for using them in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition games.

As a bonus, there is also a full 5th Edition scenario based on the N'Gorroth called Doom Under Saltwich. There is also a supplement that allows you to dive into some scenarios for Forbidden Psalms if you enjoy grimdark skirmishing.

Are you going to be picking these miniatures up?

"As a bonus, there is also a full 5th Edition scenario based on the N'Gorroth called Doom Under Saltwich..."

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