Beware The 7TV February Fungoids From Crooked Dice

January 15, 2018 by brennon

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Crooked Dice showed off some of the painted versions of their Fungoids that are going to be released on February 1st for 7TV. Mutant monstrosities and transformed terrors await.

Fungoids #1 - 7TV

These Fungoids have been painted up by Andrew Taylor and give you a wide range of different creatures to throw into the mix. It's neat to see that they've taken some of the existing models within the range and given them a creepy new look, meaning that should fit in with your collection.

Fungoids #2 - 7TV

I particularly like the scientist in the picture above and the agent/soldier who has been only slightly warped. You could maybe see him as a character in the narrative who is trying to fight back against the infection wracking his body.

What do you think of the Fungoids?

"I particularly like the scientist and the agent/soldier who has been only slightly warped..."

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