Check Out Big Bad New Sci-Fi Orks From Hardcore Miniatures

July 19, 2021 by brennon

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Hardcore Miniatures has released a bunch of new miniatures for those wanting to add a little uniqueness to their Sci-Fi Ork armies. Seven new characters were added to their webstore, bolstering their collection even more.

Bullet Masta - Hardcore Miniatures

Bullet Masta // Hardcore Miniatures

The first of the miniatures is the rather fully loaded Bullet Masta. Whilst you can see him here absolutely adorned in bullets, he can be built in a variety of different ways. Each kit here comes with a few different options for you to tinker with.

I do really like this particular set-up for Bullet Masta though. He is made especially cool with the addition of two of his attendants. You are going to be able to pick up Bullet Punk and Bullet Goggles who are designed to sit to either side of their "Masta".

Bullet Punk - Hardcore Miniatures

Bullet Punk // Hardcore Miniatures

They seem more than happy to spend their time beside their big boss, feeding ammo into his guns. I like the idea of using him and his companions either as a character or perhaps just a big, walking gun emplacement in your army.

Bullet Goggles - Hardcore Miniatures

Bullet Goggles // Hardcore Miniatures

The idea of big badass boys continues with another character who is attended to by his able assistant. Here is Zew who is armed with a rather novel-looking device. Oh, and he has a big ol' claw which is used for crushing things.

Zew - Hardcore Miniatures

Zew // Hardcore Miniatures

Helping him, we have the Golden Gobla. This chap is tweaking and working away on his kit so that he can put it to good use on the battlefield. I always wonder if these little Grots are actually tampering with the equipment just for the sake of an explosion.

Golden Gobla - Hardcore Miniatures

Golden Gobla // Hardcore Miniatures

Things are then capped off this month with a couple of psykers for use in your Ork army. The first of these is the Weird Joker who can, again, be assembled in a variety of different ways.

Weird Joker - Hardcore Miniatures

Weird Joker // Hardcore Miniatures

I liked this take on the Weird Joker who is channelling a little bit of Baron Samedi. You can also get him with an alternative head and weapon options too if you like!

Last but not least we have the strangely named Daddy Entity! This fellow works as another cool psyker to use in your army. Have both of these chaps in the mix and you could channel some seriously weird energy into a massive attack.

Daddy Entity - Hardcore Miniatures

Daddy Entity // Hardcore Miniatures

There is plenty for you to get stuck into and enjoy as part of these new releases. With Orks hitting the tabletop in greater numbers thanks to the release of the Beast Snagga Orks, it makes sense to dive into a collection like this and pick up some unique miniatures.

Are you tempted by this collection of raging Orks?

"There is plenty for you to get stuck into and enjoy as part of these new releases..."

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