Hunt The Big Bad Wolf With Artel W’s Sci-Fi Red Riding Hood

May 19, 2020 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures have released a new set of three miniatures (all available separately too) which take a fabled story of old into a Sci-Fi setting. See what you make of their new grimdark Red Riding Bundle.

Red Riding Bundle - Artel W Miniatures

This is a superb little bundle of three characters which tell a nice narrative before you even end up getting them to the tabletop! The two hunters, Agent Riding Hood and Yager are around 28mm and here they find themselves going up against the Big Bad Wolf who measures in at about 52/54mm.

You get the sense that these two Imperial agents have been sent to some dark corner of the galaxy to hunt down this mutant beast which has been killing citizens. Perhaps it was unleashed by Chaos worshippers or summoned from The Warp? Or, maybe there is something more nefarious going on and it escaped from an Imperial lab where tests have been carried out to breed more powerful super soldiers?

The Hunters & The Prey

Either way, all of the miniatures from this set are absolutely stunning. Did we really expect anything different from Artel W Miniatures at this point?

Riding Hood - Artel W Miniatures

Agent Riding Hood would make a great Imperial Agent for your games of Warhammer 40,000 or perhaps a roleplaying session. I imagine her as a proper professional monster hunter who could have lost her family to the kin of the Big Bad Wolf when she was younger. You've got to have that tragic backstory already sorted right?

Yager could then be her faithful sidekick who is a bit older than her, perhaps a washed-up bounty hunter type who feels a fatherly connection to Riding Hood and so seeks to keep her safe (not that she needs it!).

-5ec3a10b20f0d--5ec3a10b20f0eJaeger - Artel W Miniatures.jpg

We've already got the makings of a rather awesome little animated series or short movie between these two characters I reckon. Perhaps I should get in touch with the team behind these new Games Workshop shows! Both of the characters are really nicely detailed and the Big Bad Wolf is no different.

Big Bad Wolf - Artel W Miniatures

This particular beast could well have always been a feral beast that got touched by the mutating hand of Chaos. It could also have been a man once who got twisted and broken to become the beast you see here. Either way, it's probably best to now kill it with fire and brimstone.

What do you make of this nice little trio of miniatures from Artel W Miniatures?

"What do you make of this nice little trio of miniatures from Artel W Miniatures?"

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