Big Beasties Appear Among Atlantis’ Dwarf Pre-Orders

October 1, 2017 by dracs

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Atlantis Miniatures have shown off a couple of designs for a pair of big beasts that are appearing for pre-order among the rest of their new throng of dwarfs.


These war beasts are available in both a male variant, as above, and a female version.

Beast 2

Beast 3

Beast 4

They look a bit like a hippo, crossed with a bull, crossed with a bad temper. You can tell just by looking at them that a charge from these might not be particularly fast, but would just trample the enemy into the ground.

Atlantis are currently looking for a name to give these creaturses over on their facebook.

These will be appearing, along side the rest of the dwarf units that Atlantis currently have up on their site.

Male Dwarfs

Female Dwarfs

Crossbow Dwarfs

Atlantis have come up with a wide variety of models for this new army, making for an interesting force full of character. It does look like these are individual fighters, rather than row upon row of identically armoured soldiers.

Do you plan on picking up these dwarfs? What name would you give those beasties?

"A bit like a hippo, crossed with a bull, crossed with a bad temper..."

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