Big Child Creatives Back On Kickstarter With Black Sailors: Legends Of The Jade Sea

October 8, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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This one is for the painters and collectors- Big Child Creative is back on Kickstarter with an expansion of sorts for their previous 75mm Black Sailors miniature line.

Black Sailors: Legends of the Jade Sea is an additional four core miniatures as well as stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusives.

The miniatures are a stunning, highly detailed, 75mm resin, themed around myths of the Far East. This project features The Dragon King, Nataku, Oghul-Dur, and Onitukaji as well as the Kickstarter exclusive, Lianlin & Chu and another yet to be unlocked.

Each of these miniatures are more more beautiful than the one before and are full of different details for painters to be able to pull out all the stops and really challenge themselves - armor, fabric, flesh, etc.

The campaign is fully funded already with over two weeks left and it looks like there are terrain kits waiting in the wings to be unlocked as stretch goals as well as a second Kickstarter exclusive model.

I'm looking forward to see what they bring forward for terrain to help folks bring these gorgeous miniatures to life in dioramas.

There are projects galore for all to get involved with!

What do you think of these Legends of the Jade Sea?

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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