Black Dragon Pikemen Upgrade from Privateer Press

January 24, 2012 by beerogre

Check out the new Black Dragon Pikemen models from Privateer Press.

This is an upgrade kit so you're going to need an Iron Fang Pikemen box before you can make the unit... plus you'll need the Officer and Standard Bearer UA blister to make the officer.

As the owner of an unassembled box of Pikemen (I don't play Khador, but my little brother uses all my stuff... typical eh?), I'm fortunate enough to have bought these guys from a local shop at a fantastic knock down price. If any of you know these models, you'll know they have a reputation for having badly (and easily) bent pikes that really need replaced with brass rods.

(don't believe me? This image is taken from the Privateer Press Webstore)

Personally, they were the unit I was hoping would be transferred to plastic/resin pretty quickly. Even if the pikes still bend... at least you can fix them more easily.

The stats for the Black Dragons are available in this month's No Quarter Magazine.

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