Black-Hearted Commanders Lead Foul Warriors To War

April 15, 2019 by brennon

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Unreleased Miniatures has revealed some foul looking warriors and their deadly Black-hearted commanders too for those perhaps looking for an alternative take on serving the Dark Lord.

Black Hearted Hornblower - Unreleased Miniatures

The first of the miniatures to look at today is this Black Hearted Hornblower who will offer up a rallying cry for your evil warriors to look to. I love the style of these characters and the way the horn has been twisted and designed into the head of one of the Fellbeasts that the Ringwraiths ride.

Fear The Great Eye!

Keeping with the idea of a command element we also have the Black Hearted Banner Bearer here who is going to be another figure for your warriors to rally around. Black Hearted Banner Bearer - Unreleased Miniatures

That banner is just calling out to be given a bloomin' big glowing fiery eye! These options are a good place for someone to start if they want to really develop the idea of a Black Numenorean force on the tabletop.

Start Your Black-hearted Force

There is even a new bundle option for those that want to get their warband started, perhaps for something like Battle Companies.

Black Hearted Collection - Unreleased Miniatures

Of course, it would be great to see Games Workshop do something along these lines with the Black Numenoreans in the future but for now, this gives you a neat alternative. They might not be of the same quality as the sculpts we get for the official line-up, especially on the regular warriors, but I think the characters look awesome.

What do you think?

"That banner is just calling out to be given a bloomin' big glowing fiery eye!"

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