Black Scorpion Miniatures’ Breninmoor Hunt Are Abroad!

February 11, 2020 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures are going to be coming back to Kickstarter before the end of February with a new set of miniatures for the Breninmoor collection. This time around the Breninmoor Hunt is abroad, looking to chase down all manner of foes on some strange mounts.

Breninmoor Hunt #1 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

There are four different models (and their mounts) that will be available starting with the Goblin On Tortoise above. This fellow is a grumpy chap and the tortoise seems to suit him nicely. I can't imagine that this fellow would be getting anywhere anytime soon but maybe you could see it as a travelling mount rather than one for battle.

Next, we've got the King Riding Horned Toad. Whilst we normally see these kinds of leading characters taking charge atop bristling stallions it probably makes sense that he would be on something more Fantastical, especially considering his bulk.

Breninmoor Hunt #2 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

I love the idea of doing an army which is based around something a bit more fairy tale and fae. Maybe this King could be leading a bunch of other knights mounted on the likes of rabbits, stags or something even more off the wall.

Next up we have the Snail Riding Dwarf which is another wonderfully characterful miniature. Down in the dark of the kingdoms, it probably would do well to have a mount which enjoys the damp and this would certainly fit the bill.

Breninmoor Hunt #3 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

I really like the idea that perhaps this snail actually has a bit of bioluminescence allowing it to light the way as it wanders in the dark. There are some really nice details in the mix here too with that goblin who has been crammed into a cage above him.

Finally, we've got the Female Knight Riding Chameleon. This is probably a bit more of a battlefield pose as the character is readying to lead her characters into battle.

Breninmoor Hunt #4 - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Forget needing a dragon or a winged-horse to get around the battlefield. I like the idea that the chameleon changes colour as it gets ready for battle, turning a startling red as it seeks out its foes. Also, it would be able to thwack people with its big tongue and drag them towards its mistresses spear!

The animals were actually sculpted separately before having the riders and accessories added so they might also be made available as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

Are you tempted by this Black Scorpion collection?

"Are you tempted by this Black Scorpion collection?"

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