Black Scorpion Take Us To The Fantasy World Of Breninmoor

March 29, 2019 by brennon

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Black Scorpion Miniatures are bringing a whole host of new releases to Salute this year. Some of them are for their existing Pirate range but they've also looked towards a new Fantasy collection, Breninmoor.

Grandmaster Of The Knights Citadel - Black Scorpion

The first of the miniatures from this range is the epic looking Grandmaster Of The Knights Citadel. This fellow would make an amazing commander for all manner of different forces, clad in his heavy armour with sword held high. You could very easily use him for some Old World wargaming or perhaps one of the other open-ended Fantasy wargames out there right now.

If The Grandmaster wasn't quite up your street then we also have this female warrior, Mariana.

Mariana - Black Scorpion

Again, clad in armour and wielding an epic sword she would make a fantastic hero for someone looking to lead warbands into battle. One of the games that has captured my attention recently is Rangers Of Shadow Deep and I think that both Mariana and the Grandmaster would make for some rather awesome characters to include within that game, either as members of your Ranger warband or NPCs.

To round things off for the Breninmoor collection we also have this band of Mercenaries.

Mercenaries #1 - Black Scorpion

This is just set one and I'm sure many more are on the way. Here you can see a grizzled band of soldiers, some drawn from the army and others perhaps simply looking for a way to leave their old boring lives behind. Once again, perfect models for use in practically any Fantasy game.

High Seas Heroes

As well as what we've seen for the new Breninmoor range we also have some new additions to their Pirate range too. A plethora of new characters have taken up a life on the high seas.

Jack Rackham - Black Scorpion

Jack Rackham

Rose - Black Scorpion


Sara Female Naval Officer - Black Scorpion

Sara (Female Naval Officer)

Solomon - Black Scorpion


All of these are great looking characters. Black Scorpion do some sterling work, able to bring to life a really diverse collection of different characters that would work for both the Historical and Fantastical side of piratical adventures on the tabletop. For example, we also have an Orc Officer here...

Orc Officer - Black Scorpion

...and a new Undead Captain who has made landfall after being aboard his cursed ship, looking for those that sent him to the depths.

Undead Captain - Black Scorpion

I mean, they even have a Monkey Pirate Captain who looks like he is the true ruler of the high seas.

Monkey Pirate - Black Scorpion

Some more standard NPCs have also been thrown into the mix for when you want to make your own hero or villain rather than drawing on a named one.

Navy Officer - Black Scorpion

Navy Officer

Highwayman - Black Scorpion



Governor (New)

Packed with detail, these new resin miniatures are most likely going to find their way into the collections of many a wargamer at Salute this year.

Limited Edition Salute 2019 Miniature

As well as all of these characters Black Scorpion will also be offering up this heroic fellow on the day. He will be limited to ninety so you will need to be quick!

Salute Limited Edition Miniature - Black Scorpion

So, that's all of the awesome releases from Black Scorpion for this year at Salute. If you see something you like make sure to let us know, especially concerning their new Fantasy line-up.

Drop your thoughts below...

"I mean, they even have a Monkey Pirate Captain..."

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