Black Scorpion Ask If You Want A Trick Or A Treat?

October 21, 2019 by brennon

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With it being the season of spooks Black Scorpion has offered up a special miniature for Halloween. Check out their Trick Or Treat character who seems like she'd be a great mascot for you to drop onto the tabletop.


This lovely lady is featured sitting atop a grinning jack o'lantern as she nurses a cat on her lap and has a chat with an owl at the same time. She could be a jolly witch to paint up for someone as a present or perhaps include in a roleplaying adventure.

Sword For Hire

As well as this release for Halloween we also saw a new option for those diving into the Fantasy range by Black Scorpion, Breninmoor. Here is the sword-polishing Rhian.


She looks like she would be a good fit for a lot of Medieval Fantasy warbands out there but she'd work just as well in a Historical context too I reckon. You can see she clearly doesn't take any nonsense as she wipes blood from the edge of her blade.

The entire Breninmoor range has been growing for a few months now and it could form the basis of a good warband to use in one of the different skirmish games out there.

What do you make of Black Scorpion's Halloween releases?

"What do you make of Black Scorpion's Halloween releases?"

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