Black Site Launch Samurai Monster Hunter Game, Hametsu, Next Week!

January 26, 2023 by brennon

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Black Site Studios' monster-hunting Samurai skirmish wargame, Hametsu, is going to be launching via their Backroom next week. You'll be able to pre-order the new game from 31st January with access to the rulebook and some miniatures too!

Hametsu Rulebook - Black Site Studios

Hametsu Rulebook // Black Site Studios

For those not in the know, Hametsu is a solo or cooperative game for one-to-four players where you take on the role of Hunters in a Post-Apocalyptic Feudal Japan. You have been tasked with hunting down and destroying mythological beasts and demons that have infested the land.

Whilst games of Hametsu can be played out as one-off affairs, the core of Hametsu comes in the campaigns as you build up a band of Hunters with your friends and take down progressively more powerful monsters out there in the wilds. Each game, you'll start off sneaking around the tabletop trying to take down Oni without raising the alarm. Once the clash begins, you'll then do battle with the alerted fiends before a final boss sequence where you will have to take down your target.

Hametsu - Game Introduction & Overview

After each game, your characters will level up and you'll be able to dive deeper and deeper into the narrative as you tell your own tales and find yourself facing various challenges. As well as telling your own story, Doug Cundall (the creator) has also penned a full campaign, The Wolf And The Devil, which will be included with the core book.

Hametsu - Character Creation

This series of linked games will lead players deeper into the heart of The Cataclysm as you uncover the origins of this strange and twisted anomaly. This is going to be just the first of a few campaigns for you to dive into so you've essentially got your main quest and then the chance to do loads of side quests, video game style, when you snap this up!

The artwork is looking great for the game and I quite like the way they've designed the mechanics to be quick and easy to pick up. There seems to be plenty of depth to character creation too. There are also some excellent miniatures coming with Hametsu too.

Hametsu Miniatures - Black Site Studios

Hametsu Miniatures // Black Site Studios

Samurai are damn awesome and Feudal Japan is an excellent time period to set your games in. Tying all of that together with the mythological elements and you've got the makings of an incredibly fun and engaging game.

If you're interested in learning more about the game's development, the team at Black Site have also put out their latest documentary episode as well!

The Story Of Hametsu: Episode 4 // Black Site Studios

You can catch the rest of their videos in our Hametsu Game Hub where we're been following the development of the game for a while.

Are you going to be diving in and checking out Hametsu next week?

"Hametsu is a solo or cooperative game for one-to-four players where you take on the role of Hunters in a Post-Apocalyptic Feudal Japan..."

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