Black Site Studio Battle On The Moon With New Game, Lunar

July 8, 2021 by brennon

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Black Site Studio has been working away on a new skirmish game. This new 32mm Sci-Fi game, Lunar, is set on the moon! Take on the role of the USA, USSR, Republic of China and more as you fight to defend your installations and discoveries.

Lunar Core Game - Black Site Studio

Lunar Core Game // Black Site Studio

Each commander will take control of a unit of astronauts on the moon. Thousands of miles from Earth, you have to protect the vital assets that you have worked hard to build. I can't help but feel like this is actually going to be the actual next step for us.

A d6 system rules the way you play the game and beyond that, they've also included mass. It is the moon after all! Their idea is that they wanted to build a game of brutal low gravity combat with a focus on melee engagements but also deadly firearms too.

The game plays out on a 2 x 2 playspace and only requires around three or five miniatures for you to play. Inside the Core Box which you can see pictured above you get...

  • 70x Page rulebook with 7 core missions and campaign rules
  • Colour token sheet (double-sided print)
  • 15x USSR & 15 USA unit cards
  • 36x Core weapon and item cards
  • 5x Multipart USA Astronauts
  • 5x Multipart USSR Astronauts
  • Multiples of 25 unique weapon and item parts
  • 4x D6 dice
  • 2x Custom Lunar Hazard dice

The game has also been designed to be a campaign so you can expand beyond the basic core missions in the set and upgrade your crew of astronauts. Plus, we also have a whole bunch of additional expansions to look forward to. The Republic Of China is on the way plus Lunar vehicles, Lunar Icon Miniatures (and cards) and a Freelancer Expansion.

Watch out for Lunar's release at the end of July!

Give this a look if you're interested in exploring a bit of a "what if?" scenario!

"Give this a look if you're interested in exploring a bit of a "what if?" scenario!"

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