Dive Into Black Site’s New Solo Sci-Fi Micro Game, Demon Ship

May 15, 2023 by brennon

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Fancy blasting your way out of a demon-infested spaceship as the final survivor lost on the edges of the galaxy? Well, you're in luck as Black Site Studios has started taking pre-orders for a new solo micro tabletop game by Malev called Demon Ship! Cue the DOOM music...

Demon Ship - Black Site Studios

Demon Ship // Black Site Studios

Demonic creatures have burst through onto your ship as it was caught in an interdimensional portal. They are now stalking through every inch of your ship and you need to blast your way to the escape pods. Turns out that these demons found themselves on the wrong vessel.

Demon Ship has been designed to be played on a small space like a coffee table and doesn't take long to play. You'll use just a handful of miniatures and some standard d6 as you blast your way to victory in an explosion of gore.

Core Rules - Demon Ship

Core Rules // Demon Ship

I like the idea of a "DOOM" style wargame where it's you against deadly demons. It makes sense for a solo game as well where you get the freedom to dominate the tabletop and turn your foes into broken body parts, bone and blood. Rules-wise, the game is meant to be quite simple and easy to learn which means that you might want to stick this in your rucksack and bring it with you out and about at conventions and such. You get a Survivor in the core box for Demon Ship but there are also some additional Survivors which can be picked up from Black Site Studios.

Survivor - Demon Ship

Survivor // Demon Ship

The first of these Survivors is Witty who looks like she can handle herself with that massive melee weapon. I absolutely love the packaging as well which is needlessly retro and yet so incredibly needed. By the gods, I hope that's real.

Witty - Demon Ship

Witty // Demon Ship

You can get your hands on Malev who looks slick and deadly with a pair of pistols to their name. Whichever way you intend to go, there is background for all of the characters in Demon Ship.  There are also some terrain kits for you to pick up and a game dashboard if you want to keep things tidy.

Malev - Demon Ship

Malev // Demon Ship

As well as the resin Survivor miniatures, you'll also want some foes to face. The core set comes with four Demons that you can battle with two Blade Demons, one Gun Demon and a final Frog Demon. That seems like plenty of foes for you to face as you blast your way through the exploding ruins of your spaceship.

Blade Demon - Demon Ship

Blade Demon // Demon Ship

Gun Demon - Demon Ship

Gun Demon // Demon Ship

Could you be tempted to pick up Demon Ship and give it a go? I can still hear that DOOM music playing in the background...

Drop your thoughts below!

"Cue the DOOM music..."

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