Black Sun Miniatures Tease Towering 75mm Fishman Warrior

September 24, 2019 by brennon

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Black Sun Miniatures has teased another massive 75mm miniature for hobbyists and painters to get excited about. What do you make of this creepy looking Fishman Warrior?

75mm Fishman Warrior - Black Sun Miniatures

The model was sculpted by the very talented Allan Diego Carrasco and would be an absolutely awesome piece to get stuck into. As well as the traditional Fantasy trappings you've also got the underwater-dweller skin to work on. You could do some fun stuff with blending to get that sheen of blue, green and perhaps a touch of silver into the overall look. After that a dose of copper and verdigris across the model would be key I reckon.

This would be a welcome challenge for many master model painters I reckon so we'll keep an eye out to see if anyone does paint him!

What do you make of massive miniatures like this?

"...we'll keep an eye out to see if anyone does paint him!"

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