WH40K Black Templar Army Set Available To Pre-Order This Weekend!

October 5, 2021 by fcostin

The Black Templars of Warhammer 40,000 are gearing up. Heading to pre-order this Sunday, as they prepare to join their Battle-Brothers in arms in the upcoming havoc and brutality in their ongoing crusade.


Black Templars Army Set // Warhammer 40 000

Much like the Kill Team: Octarius Box which was released in August 2021, the pre-order will go live this weekend, and Games Workshop has told their community that all players that wish to pre-order the Black Templar Army Set before the close of the weekend, they will receive it sooner or later. I am not exactly sure what this means, but there is no “promise” as such, just more of a comment to hope to put the community’s mind at ease.'


Miniature Preview //  Black Templars Army Set

The Army Set includes 13 miniatures and 12 of them are completely new, being available (for now) as part of the release. Including the new Emperor’s Champion at the helm and the backup of a fearsome Primaris Crusader squad - which includes Neophytes, Initiates and a Sword Brother dressed to the nines in his cross-embellished battle gear. But if you are truly looking for something that will pack a furious punch of hellfire and pain - the Redemptoor Dreadnought is sure to do some damage on the table.

Along with the miniatures, players will have access to a Black Templars transfer sheet with the relevant decals needed for some blinged-up Space Marines, and of course an early copy of the Codex Supplement: Black Templars. Looking at the rules, wargear, relics and everything you need to get started with the Black Templars.

If you are looking at pre-ordering the Black Templars Army Set this weekend, be sure to have your finger at the ready on the mouse!

Are you tempted by the new Army Set?

"Much like the Kill Team: Octarius Box which was released in August 2021, the pre-order will go live on October 9th."

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