Blacklist Games’ Fantasy Series Returns To Kickstarter In March

February 9, 2021 by brennon

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Blacklist Games are returning to Kickstarter 30th March 2021 with their Fantasy Series 2 campaign which also brings with it a new game called Lasting Tales. Much like their work on the Horror Series, the miniatures will be usable on their own for your RPG adventures or for inclusion in Lasting Tales to enhance the game.

Fantasy Series 2 - Blacklist Games

Fantasy Series 2 // Blacklist Games

Fantasy Series 2 leads the way however with seventy new heroes, monsters and more for you to use when you get to the tabletop and need options for your D&D games. Their idea is that they want to add even more characters into the mix that work well with classic Fantasy settings but I can already see a few fun ideas in the mix like that Half-Orc/Orc Ranger!

Much like with their previous campaigns, the Fantasy Series 2 box will also come as part of bundles which include numerous stretch goals and add-ons to make it worth jumping onto the Kickstarter.

Lasting Tales

Lasting Tales it the next game from the team at Blacklist which makes use of the miniatures from Fantasy Series 2 if you desire.

Last Tales - Blacklist Games

Lasting Tales // Blacklist Games

Lasting Tales takes cues from classic roleplaying games like the aforementioned Dungeons & Dragons and offers up a cooperative tabletop miniatures game for one-to-five players by Mark Latham.

"The world of Aetha was free of evil throughout its history. Since the Unthroning—when the gods were bound to the world through divine treachery—the power of Light was conceived, and in turn the Shadow was born, ushering in the malign force of evil to corrupt and inspire those mortal beings desperate enough to give in to its call. It is now the dawn of a new age, and the lands of Aetha are held under sway by the new struggle between good and evil, Light and Shadow. The call to adventure is ringing out louder than ever, and those brave enough to stand against the legions of Shadow will be the heroes of lasting tales for ages to come."

Latham has previously worked on the likes of The Walking Dead: All Out War and the Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. In Lasting Tales you'll either create your own heroes or choose from a selection of pre-made options and embark on an epic campaign.

The book that you'll get as part of the Kickstarter contains all of the rules you need to play including hero creation, adversary profiles, campaign rules and linked scenarios. With a skirmish tabletop game focus, you'll be able to do all of this solo or with a group of friends, all working together against the challenges the game throws at you.

Beyond the rules, you'll simply need regular six-sided dice, a tape measure and some miniatures. Lasting Tales is entirely miniatures agnostic but you could use the options from Fantasy Series 2 (and 1) in order to give you everything you need.

I am very interested in Lasting Tales and what it offers. Roleplaying games are great but it's always nice to have an option which turns it into a more cooperative experience.

Are you tempted by Blacklist's new Kickstarter idea?

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