Bombshell Release Physical Darkgrim City Miniatures

July 5, 2024 by brennon

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Bombshell Miniatures are following on from a successful Kickstarter project by providing physical releases for their rather awesome Darkgrim City range. If you're a fan of Mordheim then you might want to scoop these up.

Martha Mabregelung - Bombshell Miniatures

Martha Maßregelung // Bombshell Miniatures

The range consists of 3D-printed resin miniatures which you can use to represent your warbands in the likes of the aforementioned Mordheim but also plenty of other skirmish games. On the one side, you have the Sisters Of The Hammar who are getting ready to use their zealous faith to burn the mutant and the heretic from the lands.

Sisters Of Hammar - Bombshell Miniatures

Sisters Of Hammar // Bombshell Miniatures

There are a good mix of different miniatures for you to choose from, all armed with their signature hammers. You've got different Sisters with no armour, light armour and heavy armour so you can work out your front line and then who you use as a blistering shock assault.

Sisters Of Hammer No Armour - Bombshell Miniatures

Sisters Of Hammer - No Armour // Bombshell Miniatures

The miniatures have a good range of poses and there's enough for you to choose from here when building a skirmish warband. The Sisters Of Sigmar from old Mordheim were one of the most iconic factions in the game but no real range exists to help plug that gap since the miniatures vanished. Bombshell are looking to do that with this range and I think they're doing well so far.

Sneaky Skitrix!

Going up against the Sisters Of Hammer, there is also the backstabbing Skitrix. These mutant rats have their own agendas and they are led by the likes of the Skitrix Burrowmeisters. They are rather flashy and seem like they might be a little less crackpot than their Warhammer cousins.

Skitrix Burrowmeisters - Bombshell Miniatures

Skitrix Burrowmeisters // Bombshell Miniatures

When the black powder and the blades doesn't do the job, you can also call on the Burrowmages who will be calling forth ruinous powers to crush their enemies and if that fails, alchemical toxins which might melt the flesh off your bones.

Skitrix Burrowmages - Bombshell Miniatures

Skitrix Burrowmages // Bombshell Miniatures

This is another fantastic set of miniatures and they are backed up by a swarm of lackeys but also the mammoth Ograt! This creature is going to be the battering ram that you need for clearing a path through your enemies.

Ograt - Bombshell Miniatures

Ograt // Bombshell Miniatures

All of these miniatures are available for you to scoop up from the Bombshell Miniatures website which effectively gives you two full warbands. Add them together and you've got the makings of some fun new ways for you to bring Mordheim back to the tabletop.

What do you make of these new Darkgrim City miniatures?

"When the black powder and the blades doesn't do the job, you can also call on the Burrowmages..."

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