The Boromite Hauler Offloads Troops In Gates Of Antares From Warlord Games

December 9, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Warlord Games have released a new troop transport for the Boromite army in Beyond Gates of Antares.

This sturdy vehicle can transport up to ten Boromite troops, making it the go-to vehicle for their forces.

Haulers are not generally produced to a set design and are more focused on being practical and meeting utility needs.

They end up being used not only as fighting machines but also as living and work spaces too.

They are able to handle themselves though with dual mag light support weapons plus you can also upgrade it with shield, spotter and batter drones or upgrade to better weapons or self repair abilities.

The kit is part resin and part metal.

What kind of utility do you like from your transport vehicles?

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