Brigade Models Release New Tiny Castle Towers

March 21, 2019 by cassn

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Well, these are just adorable.

Ahem, I mean, not adorable. They are a fortified defence of the highest and historically significant...LOOK AT THE LITTLE WINDOWS!!!


These 1/1000th scale Modular Castles by Brigade Models will be showing at Salute. Towers come in round, octagonal, and square, and all with pointed roofs (common in European castle architecture). Each type of tower comes in a pack of four, and will eventually be available on the website as options for their castle kits.


Apologies to all serious wargamers, but I want these, a tiny princess, a tiny dragon and a tiny knight on a tiny white horse. And then the tiny dragon eats the annoying tiny knight and the princess lives happily ever with her new pet horse and good pet dragon (I always was a strange child).

I'm sure, however, that those real wargamers will find a better, historical, tabletop use for these excellent castles. You can check them out in more detail here.

What tabletop battle would you use these castle towers for? Tell us below!

"Showing at Salute!"

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