Bring The Hammer Down & Blow Stuff Up With Norsgard!

January 30, 2015 by brennon

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Norsgard are continuing to work on the various additions to their Kickstarter campaign and the latest updates show off not only the a new Crimson Champion for the Orcs but also a Wulfkin Commander AND a Dwarven Siege Master who'll be blowing things to hell and back...

Crimson Champion (Render)

The Crimson Champion is the first to take a look at and I love that effectively the folks behind Norsgard seem to love Warcraft. This is a great looking Orc and could well be the Shaman himself Thrall if you gave him a hood. I like it when miniature companies go with the 'noble savage' edge to their Orcs and you get that throughout everything Norsgard do for them.

Wulfkin Commander (Sketch)

First Print Components

As well as the Orc they put together a sketch showing off the Wulfkin Commander in the middle of a fight. I imagine that he's just struck his opponent and sent them reeling backwards with the strike. As well as that you have some of the first print components for the Wulfkin showing off what kind of detail they're getting. I like the ball socket joints meaning you can twist things around a bit but overall the connection is solid.

Dwarven Siege Master

Last but not least we have the Dwarven Siege Master who probably shouldn't have that cigar in his mouth as he messes with whatever explosives he's got sorted! Another cool Dwarf who fits in with their more tribal looking collection but with added padding just in case something explodes.

Norsgard is looking like a neat looking game right now with some impressive miniatures on the horizon.

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"I imagine that he’s just struck his opponent and sent them reeling backwards with the strike"

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