Bring In Reserve Forces For The Enforcers & Forge Fathers Of Warpath

June 7, 2017 by brennon

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Mantic Games has got a whole bunch of awesome stuff up for pre-order on their webstore for Warpath. However, if you've already considered picking up one of the big army sets then you might want to also take a look at these Reserve Forces for the Enforcers and Forge Fathers.

Enforcer Reserve Force

Each of these sets gives you more specialised forces for you to bring your army up to the next level. For example, the Enforcer Reserve Force gives you...

  • 1x Hard Plastic Accuser Interceptor/Persecutor Bomber
  • 5x Hard Plastic and Metal Breach & Eradicate Enforcers with Thermal Mines and Thermal Rifle
  • 8x Hard Plastic Jetbikes with weapon options
  • 1x Plastic and Metal Ajax Siege Strider with Aggressor Shield and Grav-Ram Spear
  • 25mm, 40mm and 60mm Round Bases
  • Transparent Plastic Flying Stands

If you're a fan of the Forge Fathers however then you might want to check out their expansion, packed with hardcore soldiers ready to solidify the core of your army.

Forge Father Reserve Force

Inside this set, you will find...

  • 1x Hard Plastic Brandr Urban Assault Vehicle/Sturnhammer Battle Tank/Drakkar APC
  • 6x Hard Plastic and Metal Hammerfist Drop Troopers
  • 10x Plastic Brokkrs with Chief, Engineer and 2 Magma Rifles
  • 1x Plastic Brokkr Inferno Drill
  • 1x Plastic Iron Ancestor
  • 1x Plastic and Resin Surtr/Jotunn Weapons Platform
  • 25mm and 60mm Round Bases

I really like the massive Battle Tank that you get in this set, and I'm always a fan of the Iron Ancestors in whatever aspect they may take when they hit the field.

What do you make of these expansion forces?

"I'm always a fan of the Iron Ancestors in whatever aspect they may take when they hit the field..."

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