Prodos Bring Special Miniatures & AvP 2nd Edition To AdeptiCon 2017

March 21, 2017 by brennon

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Prodos Games are going to be at AdeptiCon 2017 and with them, they bring some special miniatures and some big news concerning Alien Vs Predator as the 2nd Edition becomes available for pre-order this week.

Capitol Heavy Infantry AdeptiCon Special

Leading the way however they have this special Capitol Heavy Infantry Trooper from the world of Warzone: Resurrection who will be free to anyone who buys $40 worth of Warzone goodies. To give you a heads up their booth is situated at number thirteen in the Discovery Hall.

The model is, of course, UniCast which is the new method Prodos are using on their models...and it does look rather superb. She is joined by another UniCast model which is available at the event, the AdeptiCon Alien Diorama.

AdeptiCon Special Alien Diorama

This piece will be available to those who spend $50 on AvP miniatures and other gubbins at the event. So, there you have it. Two big show miniatures for the event if you get stuck in and spend some cash with Prodos. The big news, however, came as the announced that AvP 2nd Edition would be coming soon.

AvP 2nd Edition Pre-Orders

The new boxed game comes along with a complete revamp. The new box is square rather than a rectangle and is packed with their UniCast miniatures meaning you no longer have to assemble anything from within the set.

AvP 2nd Edition

The miniatures, which also now come in a coloured material, do look fantastic and they were always one of the big selling points of the game.

UniCast Miniatures

Additionally, the new set comes with revamped and reconfigured rules as well as the Last Stand Mode. You will also find a new foam insert within the box allowing you to keep your models and other components safe between games.


While the game has had quite the chequered past and still continues to be a bit of a bugbear in the industry it would be interesting to see what's changed with the game going forward.

Maybe Dawn & Gianna will be able to stop in with the guys from Prodos at the event and find out more for you.

What do you think of the news?

"To give you a heads up their booth is situated at number thirteen in the Discovery Hall..."

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