Bring Two Nations Together In 1987 Channel Tunnel

May 17, 2019 by cassn

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For centuries, the relationship between Britain and France has been marked by wars and rivalries, but also by mutual alliances. Both societies have a markedly different conception of Europe, but an intense commercial relationship that allowed them to work together in a common interest: the construction of the Channel Tunnel.

In 1987 Channel Tunnel, you are in command of a team of either French or British builders, determined to unite the two countries through the sea! However, even togetherness can be improved with a bit of healthy competition, and your job is to lead your team of workers, develop technology, and seek funding to bring your boring machine to the very center of the project!


When the center has been reached, players earn points based on how well they developed their technologies, the quality of their machines, and any cards in their hand. The player with the most points declares a victory for their country in this friendly rivalry between countries!

1987 Channel Tunnel is part of a historical series from Looping Games which focus on the [year][event/place] format. The game will first be introduced to the general public in Essen at Spiel 2019, but you can keep up to date through the publisher website.

Fun fact: Actually, the French and English engineers didn't meet in the middle - the English workers tunneled the greatest distance!

"A friendly rivalry between countries!"

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