Brother Vinni Tune In With Their Radioman Release

August 9, 2018 by brennon

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Brother Vinni has released another 35mm model for their Sci-Fi collection. Here is their Radioman figure that you might want to snap up as a hobbyist or painter...

Radioman - Brother Vinni

Once again, Brother Vinni really does do some sterling work when they are not sculpting certain other types of models. I love the detail in the clothing and face and I think that this model is going to take paint very well indeed.

Radioman (Alt) - Brother Vinni

You could certainly see him popping up in a Star Wars game (hint, hint) and it would be awesome to see what people do with him going forward.

Will you be tuning in and snapping up the Radioman?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Will you be tuning in and snapping up the Radioman?"

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