Save Buckbeak In Knight Models’ Harry Potter This Week

February 5, 2020 by brennon

Knight Models has also got some goodies in the works for those who love the world of Harry Potter. Here we have Buckbeak and Harry!

Buckbeak - Knight Models

This new model shows off the impressive hippogriff with Harry Potter on his back, enjoying a nice flight through the grounds of Hogwarts. If you're a collector of miniatures and such from the world of Harry Potter then this would be a lot of fun to pick up and paint. I think you'd be able to spend hours just working on the feathers of Buckbeak, nevermind working on Harry Potter!

The set does come with cards for using Buckbeak in play which is nice for those delving into the scenarios based on the films and books. Another nice piece for those who are Potter nerds!

What do you make of Buckbeak and Harry?

"Another nice piece for those who are Potter nerds!"

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