Different Butcher’s Guild Plans Coming To Guild Ball Soon

April 24, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has been showing off two new Guild Ball team sets which bring back some classic faces for the game. Both of the new sets are for The Butcher's Guild and we start with The Bloody Master.

The Bloody Master - Guild Ball

Here is the particular background for this set...

"Tougher than gristle, Ox sees Guild Ball as nothing but brutal bloodsport. More maniac than athlete, the Master Butcher has transformed the pitch into a kitchen nightmare. Cleavers, knives, hooks. You name it, his team wields it. To Ox, every enemy is a succulent meatbag crying out for pain. This team’s playstyle is simple: get to the opposition and shred flesh until there’s nothing left. With a ruthless and unforgiving captain, it’s no surprise these Butchers live for the mid-to-late game after they’ve broken the minds and bodies of their opponents."

However, if you want a little bit of a different flavour to your meat-based Guild Ball team then you could also check out The Scarlet Circle.

The Scarlet Circle - Guild Ball

It's nice to see the different styles of Butcher's Guild team coming to the tabletop in various ways and of course using this new material.

"Inheritor of the Master Butcher’s throne, Fillet is one of the deadliest individuals in the Empire. A peerless duellist, she delights in dancing around her opponents, cutting bloody strips from their skin before bleeding them dry when she grows bored. Like any Butcher line-up, Fillet’s side punishes the opposition without mercy—but more frightening still is their command over the pitch. These players strike with unexpected speed, dragging the enemy around before delivering the finishing blow."

As well as the new style, the sets also come with different terrain pieces as well which is great for those who like expanding on the look and feel of Guild Ball on the tabletop.

So, if you're interested in playing some guild Ball as the Butcher's Guild then these might be worth taking a peek at. You will be able to get your hands on both of these sets come May 8th.

Which box would you prefer?

"You will be able to get your hands on both of these sets come May 8th..."

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