Carnevale’s Vatican Guard Defend Against Vampire Attack

June 19, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has shown off two new warbands who will be joining the struggle for control of Venice in Carnevale. The Vatican Armed Forces are on the warpath, ready to put foul creatures and worshippers to the sword.

Vatican Armed Forces - TTCombat

Leading the way here we have the rather imperious looking Patriarch Bishop de Bernis alongside his loyal Bishop’s Guard. These warriors have faith on their side, but they still have to be good with those halberds if they're going to bring down their foes.

Luckily, the grim looking Avignon Guard is with them, clad in full plate armour and wielding a massive greatsword. I can already imagine just how he fights which speaks to the cinematic feel of the sculpts and Carnevale as a whole.

As they did point out though, is wearing full plate armour in a city which has an abundance of deep water a good idea? I'm sure you'll find out!

Bloodthirsty Reapers

The Vatican is probably right to send in the heavies to deal with the escalating situation in Venice as the Strigoi Footsoldiers are also on the warpath. These killers are rushing through the streets, cutting down those that displease their master.

Strigoi Footsoldiers - TTCombat

This set should work as a good expansion to your Strigoi gang, offering you two common Strigoi, two Reapers, and a Thrall. I love the swagger of the Thrall, intent on beating you to death with her fists and entirely unphased by the sword you keep waggling in her face.

Both of these sets are going to be available soon through the TTCombat webstore so watch out for their release.

"I love the swagger of the Thrall..."

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