Catalyst Ready To Take You Where No Man Has Gone Before

May 27, 2011 by dracs

BoW Sam's Log: Star Date: Friday Afternoon. Receive reports of new Sci-Fi RPG from Catalyst Game Lab. Entitled Cosmic Patrol!

This game will be good news for all you fans of classic sci-fi as it is based upon the concepts and images of sci-fi from around the 60's and 70's. You know, when the hero looked like this.

Ah those were the days when men were real men, women were real women and small green furry things from Alpha Centauri were real small green furry things from Alpha Centauri.

The game takes place in retro future setting. You take the role of a patrolman, humanity's last line of defence, tasked with exploring, discovery and defending man kind from alien threats such as these boys.

So what are you waiting for guys? Grab your ray guns and get prepared to boldly go. Knowing me any game I play will quickly end up as Galaxy Quest rather than some great space epic. A website and a facebook page have been set up so you can keep track of how the game evolves.

Now, all that's left for me to say is beam me up Andy!

BoW Sam

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