Weird Cawdor Walkers & Corpse Connoisseurs For Necromunda

November 22, 2022 by brennon

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Games Workshop dropped even more previews over the weekend for more than just the mainline games. Necromunda also got a look in as House Cawdor are getting their hands on a set of rather weird walkers that will let them take part in the clashes happening out on the Ash Wastes.

Ridge Walker #1 - Necromunda

Ridge Walker // Necromunda

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As Games Workshop pointed out, House Cawdor are all about bringing the might and glory of The Emperor to The Underhive. So, some enterprising Cawdorite most likely saw a dirty picture of a Sentinel once and thought it would be worth having some of their own.

Ridge Walker #2 - Necromunda

Ridge Walker // Necromunda

Crafted from whatever junk they can find down in The Underhive, House Cawdor can now take to the Ash Wastes and go out in search of shrines and all manner of different treasures they deem worthy of a noble (if possibly misguided) quest.

Ridge Walker #3 - Necromunda

Ridge Walker // Necromunda

Mirroring the look and feel of noble questing knights, the Ride Walker riders can be armed with explosive-tipped lances that deliver a pretty deadly cargo should they be planted in the right spot. It feels like House Cawdor might have also seen a poster of a Rough Rider charging into battle on the side of a garbage disposal unit too.

The Ride Walkers certainly give House Cawdor a pretty unique vehicular option for getting stuck into Ash Wastes. I'm not sure about these myself. I don't know if they are too far on the side of whacky or not!

Corpse Guild Connoisseurs

Moving away from the Ash Wastes, we also have some new personalities coming to join House Goliath. Someone has to feed those roided-out muscle men.

Mercator Pallidus - Necromunda

Mercator Pallidus - Pale Consort // Necromunda

This is where the Mercator Pallidus comes in. Striding through The Underhive at the head of a Corpse Harvesting Party, they seek out the raw (bloody and raw) materials to then chuck into grinders and turn into fuel for House Goliath.

Bone Scrivener - Necromunda

Bone Scrivener // Necromunda

The Bone Scrivener above is the aid of the Mercator Pallidus and will pass judgement over the critically injured. Lost a leg? Well, you might be for the grinder but at least your gang will get back the weapons and armour that they were wearing a few moments ago.

The butcher-like Corpse Grinder Heavies then wade in and start hacking up body parts like they've got nothing to lose.

Pale Consorts #1 - Necromunda

Corpse Grinder Heavies // Necromunda

Some incredibly eerie miniatures but just what you'd expect from the terrible microcosm of The Imperium that is Necromunda and The Underhive. You've got a couple of different poses for the Corpse Grinder Heavies including one dragging some freshly sourced meat to slaughter.

Pale Consorts #2 - Necromunda

Corpse Grinder Heavies // Necromunda

Why do I get the feeling that that unfortunate soul on the end of that hook might still be a little bit alive? A rather fun kit for those looking to expand their menu for House Goliath or indeed build on the existing Corpse Grinders with some interesting new dramatis personae. Could you be tempted by these Forge World offerings?

Are you going questing with House Cawdor or corpse-finding with the Pale Consort?

"Are you going questing with House Cawdor or corpse-finding with the Pale Consort?"

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