Check Out the Nemesis Exclusive’s Beautiful Asp

June 19, 2014 by dracs

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The Nemesis Kickstarter is currently gaining a lot of support and as of me writing this they are only a short amount away from a new Kickstarter exclusive mini.

Nemesis Exclusive

Nemesis Exclusive Back

This is a beautiful miniature that makes for fantastic female cultist, even outside the world of Nemesis. In the game she can be taken as a mercenary, and will most likely be a useful addition to many warbands.

The model itself is a very beautiful sculpt. The flowing robes provide plenty of room for interesting paint designs and the stance marks her out. The best bit, to my eye, is her face. Sculpted in an expression of religious bliss, there is plenty of character going on with this mini.

Have you chipped in to the Nemesis Kickstarter yet?

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