Cheerleaders Hit Pitch-side For Blood Bowl From Forge World

August 10, 2018 by brennon

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Forge World has released a whole bunch of new sets for use in Blood Bowl. The first three sets of releases are for a range of Cheerleaders. We start with The Reaverettes!

The Reaverettes - Blood Bowl

This gives you a set of Cheerleaders to have at the side of the pitch to cheer your team on. They are pretty much the same across the board but they do have some nice variety in their heads for example.

It isn't just Humans getting some cheer however as the Orcs can rely on The Waaaaghs!

The Waaaghs! - Blood Bowl

I was thinking that these are less Cheerleaders and indeed more rioters and hooligans. That is very fitting for a band of surly Orcs.

Last but not least we have The Damned Damsels who are Cheerleaders for your Chaos teams.

The Damned Damsels - Blood Bowl

I really do like those Chaos Cheerleaders and in actual fact, they could be rather awesome used away from the football field as well. Imagine those as a deadly unit of warrior women in your Chaos armies for Age Of Sigmar?

Star Players

Looking towards the Wood Elves of Blood Bowl we also have Eldril Sidewinder, a superb Star Player for your Elven teams.

Eldril Sidewinder - Blood Bowl

"Eldril Sidewinder has played Blood Bowl as long as most can remember, partly due to the incredibly long life span of his race, but mainly thanks to his sheer skill on the pitch. The secret of his success (and longevity) lies in his belonging to a singular class within Wood Elf and Sea Elf society – the Wardancers.

These warriors combine athleticism and deadly skill and are capable of dashing through a melee, weaving and leaping about their opponents while transfixing them with their grace such that foes are unable to react or even to think clearly.

So beguiling are the movements of a skilled Wardancer that some claim it to be some manner of boon from the dark gods, a misconception that Sidewinder is ever keen to refute."

I do like that this miniature brings to life that Old World charm and the themes that ran through the old Warhammer Fantasy range, but with a modern twist.

What do you think of the new releases?

"Imagine those as a deadly unit of warrior women in your Chaos armies for Age Of Sigmar?"

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