Classic Samurai Join Grey For Now’s Test Of Honour

August 21, 2019 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games has introduced four packs of characters into the mix for you to use when building up your Test Of Honour warbands. Most will know these models from North Star's webstore when Ronin, another skirmish game, was released and now they're here to give you more options here too!

Samurai & Ashigaru - North Star

We'll start with the most typical set which you can pick up which adds these Samurai & Ashigaru into the mix for your games. Armed and armoured as fighting men for their stalwart leader, these would be great to show off the guard of your Daimyo and those who would follow their plans to the letter.

They might find themselves going up against a band of desperate Bandits, however, driven by a hatred of the Daimyo and seeking his downfall.

Bandits - North Star

Maybe they have been given good reason to seek vengeance against their overlords after failing crops and unfair rulings which have pushed them out of house and home. Either that or they could just be mindless goons who are seeking to cause chaos on a whim.

Calling in the aid of these Unarmoured Ronin might not be a bad idea in that case then. With no lord to fight for, these Ronin are now either fighting to banish some wrongdoing from their ledger or simply to settle a grudge.

Unarmoured Ronin - North Star

So, maybe a Ronin will find its way into your warband and you'll have a characterful miscreant in the mix, ready to fight if you offer them a chance at honour, redemption or perhaps a little bit of coin.

Finally, we have this band of Sohei Monks who are most likely looking to stop interlopers from taking something that doesn't belong to them!

Sohei Monks - North Star

I think this is probably my favourite set, only narrowly in front of the Bandit one, as it gives you some really nice and dynamic models to play around with and it's very different from the normal Test Of Honour warband.

Whilst these aren't anything new for the world of Samurai wargaming, they do give you a cool set of options for creating interesting and diverse warbands.

Which faction would you pick?

"Which faction would you pick?"

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