Claymore Castings Mount Up With New Knights

May 11, 2020 by brennon

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Claymore Castings has been showing off some of the new miniatures they are going to be dropping into their Historical collection very soon. Here we have a set of Mounted Knights who are looking right about ready to crash into the enemy lines and sow some discord!

-5eb94d0662f91--5eb94d0662f93Knight #1 - Claymore Castings.jpg

Alongside what we've been seeing from Andy Hobday and Andy Hicks, these are some absolutely stunning miniatures. They totally got me thinking about making a proper Medieval army and painting up some of these brutal-looking warriors with colourful tabards and armour...and then drenching blood over everything.

-5eb94d080ca3e--5eb94d080ca3fKnight #2 - Claymore Castings.jpg

You could imagine these particular fellows on their way into the action, getting ready to smash their weapons into some poor and unsuspecting fool. I love that they seem grim and deadly, as a good knight should. None of this chivalric stuff! Now you just need a game to drop all of these characters into.

-5eb94d097fe6e--5eb94d097fe70Knight #3 - Claymore Castings.jpg

There is quite the backlog of bits and pieces for Claymore Castings to get through at the moment but if you love the Medieval period then you are very well catered for right now. The expanded range from this company which you can see HERE is wonderful to leaf through.

What do you think of these new previews?

"...if you love the Medieval period then you are very well catered for right now"

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